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Cosmic Questions Video
Play Video Setting the Scene
Play Video Steven Weinberg and John Polkinghorne: An Exchange
Play Video A Dialogue of Scientists and Theolgians
Play Video Did the Universe Have a Beginning?
Play Video At Home in the Quantum Universe
Play Video A Beginningless Universe?
Play Video Was the Universe Designed?
Play Video The Argument From Design
Play Video The Anthropic Principle
Play Video Are We Alone?
Play Video Is There Intelligent Life Elsewhere in the Universe?
Play Video The Faith of Scientists
Play Video Literal and Symbolic Truths
Play Video What Religion Can Learn From Science
Play Video What Science Can Learn From Religion
Play Video Questions, Answers and Ongoing Dialogue
Hubble Deep Field Animation
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Extrasolar Planet Candidates
The Keck I Telescope
Jupiter's Moon Io
Jupiter's Moon Europa
Jupiter's Moon Ganymede
Jupiter's Moon Callisto
Saturn's Moon Titan
Cosmic Background Raditation Anisotropies
De Sitter Spacetime
An Open Universe Emerging from an Instanton
Traditional Uroboros
Ancient Near East Cosmos
Medieval Cosmos
Representation of Newtonion Cosmos
The Hubble Deep Field
The Universe at Half it's Present Age
The Universe When Two Billion years Old
Cosmic Spheres of Time
Cosmic Density Pyramid (top)
Cosmic Density Pyramid (full)
The Wedge of Material Reality
The Cosmic Uroboros
Fractal Structure of the Universe
The Fundamental Forces in Nature
A History of the Universe
Looking Back in Time
The Kapteyn Universe
Galaxies and Nebulae
Copernican Solar System
Tycho's Solar System
Ptolemy's Solar System
The Beginning of the Big Bang
DNA Backbone
DNA Double-Helix
A Classification of Major Animal Phyla
Homologous Stuctures in Tetrapod Limbs
Depiction of Earth History
Mars Sample Return Concept
Evolution and Oxygen
Five Kingdoms of Life
Three Kingdoms of Life
Properties of the Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes
Sources of Energy and Oxidants on Earth
Life in Rocks
Organisms of the World
Saint Augustine
Isaac Newton
Charles Darwin
Niels Bohr
Albert Einstein
Werner Heisenberg
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AstroTheology: Religious Reflections on Extraterrestrial Life Forms

Agency: Human, Robotic and Divine
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Cosmos and Creator
Creativity, Spirituality and Computing Technologies
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E. Coli at the No Free Lunchroom
Engaging Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence: An Adventure in Astro-Ethics
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Evolution: What Should We Teach Our Children in Our Schools?
Evolution and Providence
Evolution and Creation Survey
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Evolution, Creation, and Semiotics

The Expelled Controversy
Faith and Reason: An Introduction
Faith in the Future: Religion, Aging, and Healthcare in the 21st Century

Francisco Ayala on Evolution

From Christian Passions to Scientific Emotions
Genetic Engineering and Food

Genetics and Ethics
Genetic Technologies - the Radical Revision of Human Existence and the Natural World

Genomics, Nanotechnology and Robotics
Getting Mind out of Meat
God and Creation: Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Perspectives on Big Bang Cosmology
God, Humanity and the Cosmos: A Textbook in Science and Religion
God the Spirit - and Natural Science
Historical Examples of the Science and Religion Debate (GHC)
History of Creationism
Intelligent Design Coming Clean

Issues for the Millennium: Cloning and Genetic Technologies
Jean Vanier of L'Arche
Nano-Technology and Nano-ethics
Natural Science and Christian Theology - A Select Bibliography
Neuroscience and the Soul
Outlines of the Science and Religion Debate (GHC)

Perspectives on Evolution

Physics and Theology
Quantum Mechanics and Theology (GHC)
Questions that Shape Our Future
Reductionism (GHC)
Reintroducing Teleology Into Science
Science and Suffering

Scientific Perspectives on Divine Action (CTNS/Vatican Series)

Space Exploration and Positive Stewardship

Stem-Cell Debate: Ethical Questions
Stem-Cell Ethics: A Theological Brief

Stem-Cell Questions
Theistic Evolution: A Christian Alternative to Atheism, Creationism, and Intelligent Design...
Theology and Science: Current Issues and Future Directions
Unscientific America: How science illiteracy threatens our future
Will ET End Religion?

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