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Theology and Religion

Featured Topics

The Person in Christian Theology
The Theology of Providence
The Question of Miracle
The Resurrection of Jesus
The Created Co-Creator: Clue to the Ways of Providence
Theological Responses to Quantum Cosmology
Religious Responses to the Science of Human Evolution
Darwin’s Challenge to Theological Positions
Can Darwinism Rule Out Truth in Religion?
The Meaning of Genesis 1
The Ambiguous Ecological Promise of Christian Theology
Bodies of Faith: Reclaiming the Links of Theology Medicine, and Religious Communities
Putting Faith into Action - Mission Arlington
Unremitting Compassion in the face of Genetic Disease
Science in Islamic History: Ancient and Modern
The Rocks Shall Cry Out: Consciousness, Rocks, and American Indians

Topic Sets

Science and Divine Action... (20 topics)
God the Spirit - and Natural Science... (Pannenberg)
History of Creationism... (Ron Numbers, 12 topics)
Jean Vanier of L'Arche...
Neuroscience, Religious Experience, and the Self...
Genetics and the Problem of Evil... (9 topics)
Eschatology, Immortality, and the Future of the Cosmos (Berkeley 2001)
God and Creation: Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Perspectives on Big Bang Cosmology... (7 topics)


Interfaith Dialogue

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Theology and Religion

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