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The Relation of Science & Religion

CTNS Resources

The Changing Relations Between Science and Theology (John Brooke)
Theology and Science: Current Issues and Future Directions (R. Russell, 69 topics)
Science, Religion and Values: Past Estrangement and Present Engagement 
Science in Islamic History: Ancient and Modern (Haq)
Science in Jewish History (Efron)

Other Resources

Faith and Reason: An Introduction (22 topics)
John Polkinghorne: The Friendship of Science and Religion
Cosmos and Creator... (Polkinghorne et al, 6 topics)
Famous Conflicts Between Science and Religion
The Caricature - Darwin v. Christianity
The Scopes ‘Monkey Trial’
The Separation of Science and Religion
Key Figures and Developments in the Science-Religion Debate
Quetions that Shape Our Future
Typologies Relating Science and Religion
The Science of Sociobiology Critiques the Truth-Claims of Religion
Books on Science and Religion
Outlines of the Debate on Science and Religion


Play Video Science and Religion in Dialogue
Play Video The Faith of Scientists
Play Video What Religion Can Learn From Science
Play Video What Science Can Learn From Religion
Science and the Spiritual Quest

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Job Kozhamthadam on Science, Religion and Values: Past Estrangement and Present Engagement