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The Particular Case of Genetic Reductionism

Genetic reductionists pick a particular level of scientific explanation, that of the functioning of genes, and downplay the claims of higher-level descriptions.See Richard Dawkins and E.O.Wilson against the possibility of the truth of religion.

This is a vastly tempting reduction, because we understand, in principle at least, a great deal about genes and how they function. We understand far less about organisms, how they grow and develop, what determines their behaviour.

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Source: God, Humanity and the Cosmos  (T&T Clark, 1999)

Reductionism and Theology

Index - God, Humanity and the Cosmos, 1999 T&T Clark

The Particular Case of Genetic Reductionism

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Dr. Christopher Southgate in God, Humanity and the Cosmos.Published by T&T Clark.

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