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A threat to the veracity of scripture?

Perhaps the most well-known and easily understood challenge is to the veracity of scripture. A full exploration of this particular issue would need to make note of the wide variety of positions that can be defended on the origin, reliability and interpretation of the scriptures, but an evolutionary description of history poses some challenge for all position on Biblical origins and authority. At a minimum it must be admitted that the writers of the Old and New Testament refer to the personalities in Hebrew history in ways that suggest they believed they were actual human beings. Of critical importance is Saint Paul’s 1 Corinthians 15 reference to Jesus as the ‘second Adam,’ and his emphasis on the importance of believing in the miracle of Jesus’ resurrection as a factual event. For some commentators this reference can only make sense if Adam was as historical as Jesus. If Adam was an actual person, the question then becomes how much of the Genesis creation account surrounding Adam must also be held to be at least partly historical.

This is an interesting and complex part of the discussion which unfortunately I must set aside.

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A threat to the veracity of scripture?

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