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Can we serve Theistic Evolution in court?

What Marty and Ted are doing here is the work of the theologian. The task is to interpret the ancient Bible in light of modern science. It is to paint a mental picture of reality in which all things are oriented toward the God of grace and salvation.

When reading news accounts of the controversy over evolution in the public schools and in religious life, one gets the impression that sincere Christians are lined up in opposition to the Darwinian tradition for treating biology. We believe this is a mistake. Christians of deep faith need not take a stand against science, not even against Darwinian science. To take a stand against atheism is laudable, to be sure; but it would be a tragedy if opposition to atheism means we have to jettison the benefits that a fertile theory such as Darwinian evolution can offer.

Christians should fight for the best science to be taught in our schools. Our churches should support integrity in science. Further, our churches should engage in the hard mental work of constructing a picture of reality - inclusive of evolutionary reality - that depicts a creation loved by God.

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Can we serve Theistic Evolution in court?

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Martinez Hewlett and Ted Peters

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