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Science and the Three Monotheisms in the 21st Century, A New Partnership? (SSQ Granada 2002)

SSQ II: Science and the Three Monotheisms in the 21st Century, A New Partnership?
August 2002, Granada Spain

Welcome - Bob Russell (CTNS)
Monotheisms and Modern Science: Three Traditions, One Cosmos?
John Polkinghorne (Cambridge University) | Interview
Noah Efron (Bar Ilan University) | Interview
Bruno Guiderdoni (Paris Institute of Physics) | Interview
Natural Law and Divine Creation: Monotheistic Perspectives on Complexity and Emergence
Ayub Ommaya (Georgetown University)
Norbert Samuelson (Arizona State University)
George F.R. Ellis (University of Capetown)
Neuroscience and the Person in the Religious Traditions
Stephen Kosslyn (Harvard University)
Andrew Newberg (University of Pennsylvania)
Faraneh Vargha-Khadem (Institute of Child Health)
Biotechnology, Ethics, and the Spiritual Traditions
Carl Feit (Yeshiva University) | Interview
Munawar Anees (Interdisciplinary University of Paris) | Interview
William Hurlbut (Stanford University) | Interview
The Cloning and Stem Cell Controversies: Scientific, Theological, and Ethical Issues
Ted Peters and Gaymon Bennett (CTNS)
Modern Science, Contemporary Politics, and Living Traditions: Is there Hope for Peace?
Tsevi Mazeh (Tel Aviv University) | Interview
S. Jocelyn Bell Burnell (Open University) | Interview
Mehdi Golshani (Sharif University) | Interview
Closing Comments
Ian Barbour (Carlton College)

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Bruno Guiderdoni - Three Traditions, One Cosmos