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CTNS Resources

Stem cell Brief
Are We Asking Our Scientists to Play God?
Genetic Discrimination
The Abortion Controversy Intensifies
Genetics and Ethics... (Ted Peters, 17 topics) 
Question: What's in the Petri Dish, Property or Person?
The Stem-Cell Debate: Ethical Questions... ( Peters, 8 topics)
Genetic Engineering and Food...
Biotechnology, Ethics, and the Spiritual Traditions (Munawar Anees)
Genomics, Nanotechnology and Robotics... (Bill Joy)
Genes and Justice (Berkeley, 2001)

Other Resources

Xenotransplantation and its Associated Safety and Ethical Issues
Ethical Challenges in a Post Genome Era
Why Worry about Human Cloning?
Issues for the Millennium: Cloning and Genetic Technologies... (44 topics)
AAAS/ICS Report on Stem-Cell Research and Applications... (Audrey Chapman et al, 29 topics)
Stem-Cell Questions... (8 topics)
Books on Bioethics

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Munawar Anees - Biotechnology, Ethics, and the Spiritual Traditions