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Where did we Come From?

Featured Topics

The New Cosmology
Evidence for a Big Bang?
The Hawking-Hartle Proposal for the Early Universe
Big Bang Cosmology and Theology
Big Bang Cosmology and Creation Theology
Introduction to the Evolution/Creation Controversy
Religious Responses to the Science of Human Evolution
The Rhetoric of Darwinism
Darwin’s Evolutionary Scheme
What Drives Evolution? (Eldredge)
The Case for Scientific Creationism (Gish)
The Creationist Phenomenon
Insights From Kabbalah and Cosmology (Daniel Matt)

Topic Sets

Evolution... (Ayala, 10 topics)
History of Creationism... (Ron Numbers, 12 topics)
Bacterial Flagella and Dembski’s Case for Intelligent Design (Van Till, 14 topics)
Intelligent Design Coming Clean... (Dembski, 9 topics)
Perspectives on Evolution... (43 topics)
Evolutionary Biology and Theology... (19 topics)
God and Creation: Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Perspectives on Big Bang Cosmology... (7 topics)

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Where did we Come From?

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