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Genes and Justice (Berkeley 2001)

January 2001, Berkeley

Opening Reception: Intro Main (Ted Peters)
Niels Gregersen: Methodologies in the Science-Religion Discussion
Sandra Harding: The Role of Religion in Modern Western Science and Other Indigenous Knowledge Systems
Sandra Harding: Q&A
Ted Peters: Are We Playing God With Our Genes?
Karen Lebacqz: Cells, Tissues, and Organs: Who 'Owns' Them?
Troy Duster: Social Borders of Medical and Forensic Uses of the New Genetic Diagnostic Powers
Jay McDaniel: The Ecological Self and The Ecological God
Marty Hewlett: A God for Evolution
Sayed Haq: Science in Islamic History: Ancient and Modern
Victor Anderson: How Can Science & Religion Benefit Humanity?

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Marty Hewlett: A God for Evolution