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There are aspects of our world that we believe to be - for all practical purposes - unpredictable, namely, quantum, chaotic, and very complex systems. As such, the possibility of Divine action in these systems is hard to rule out, but just as hard to account for in convincing ways. Quantum indeterminacy has been offered as a way for God to communicate information to the Universe. This would purportedly allow God to act from the "bottom up." Peacocke has criticized the idea that God changes quantum events because of the need to manipulate an "absurdly large"Arthur Peacocke, Paths from Science towards God: The End of all our Exploring (Oxford: OneWorld, 2001): 106number of events to ensure the behavior remains deterministic at macro scales. I don't find this to be a harsh criticism. How could we know what's too large or 'conveniently small' for God?

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Adrian Wyard

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