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Adrian Wyard

Adrian Wyard

Executive Director, Counterbalance Foundation.

Adrian Wyard earned a Masters degree in Science and Religion from the University of Oxford, where he specialized in the evolution/creation controversy.

The Counterbalance Foundation promotes multidisciplinary education, and specializes in the development of interactive teaching materials for an undergraduate and popular audience. The Counterbalance web sites currently exceed 300,000 hyperlinks and 200 hours of streaming media, making them the richest resource of their kind available. Mr Wyard served on the advisory board of CTNS in Berkeley, CA for over twenty years.

Prior to forming Counterbalance in 1998 he worked for Microsoft Corporation in the UK and US where he held various positions including Program Manager for the Word for Windows 1.0 project. He holds several design patents for features in Microsoft Word and Windows that are still in use today.

He is also an avid photographer and visual artist. His multimedia production of The Planets Live was broadcast on PBS in May 2015. For more see

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Image: Adrian Wyard

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