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Philip Hefner

Philip Hefner

Philip Hefner is Professor of Systematic Theology, Editor of Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science, and past president of the Zygon Center for Religion and Science . B.A. Midland Lutheran College 1954; B.D. Chicago Lutheran Theological Seminary 1959; Ph.D. University of Chicago 1962.

Author of over 125 scholarly articles and 7 books including The Human Factor: Evolution, Culture, Religion (1993, Fortress Press). Changing Man: The Threat and the Promise (1968, Doubleday). The Promise of Teilhard (1970, Lippincott). Natur-Weltbild-Religion (1995, Bavarian Evangelical Press, Munich). “Biocultural Evolution and the Created Co-Creator,” in Ted Peters (ed.), Science and Theology: The New Consonance (1998, Westview Press).

The Created Co-Creator: Clues to the Ways of Providence

Challenging the Past, Grasping the Future

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