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1. Biography: Wolfhart Pannenberg
Wolfhart Pannenberg Wolfhart Pannenberg published his magnum opus, the three-volume Systematic Theology, in the 1990s. God the Spirit - and Natural Science Born in 1928 in Stettin, Germany, Pannenberg
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2. Neuroscience Topic: Dreams and Dreaming: Neuroscientific and Religious Visions
Wolfhart Pannenberg : God the Spirit - and Natural Science Wolfhart Pannenberg published his magnum opus, the three-volume Systematic Theology, in the 1990s. Born in 1928 in Stettin, Germany, Pannenberg began his theological
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3. Divine Action Topic: Russell, Robert John. “Divine Action and Quantum M...
particularly as developed by Wolfhart Pannenberg . This, in turn, leads to Russell’s fourth issue, which he sees as the crucial challenge to the theology-and-science discussion today: the meaning and intelligibility of the resurrection and
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4. Divine Action Topic: Peters, Ted. “The Trinity In and Beyond Time."
critical of the thought of Wolfhart Pannenberg , who draws on holistic principles to interpret eschatology . Such principles have important scientific as well as theological warrant. Proleptic eschatology adds to the whole/part dialectic of
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5. Maddox Bibliography Topic: 1. Broad Western Christian Engagements
MI: Eerdmans, 2003. Pannenberg , Wolfhart. Toward a Theology of Nature: Essays on Science and Faith . Louisville, KY: Westminster/John Knox, 1993. Pannenberg, Wolfhart. The Historicity of Nature: Essays on Science and Theology
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6. Neuroscience Topic: The Person in Christian Theology
resurrection of the body. Wolfhart Pannenberg proposes that a more authentic Christian view involves the ultimate transformation of the entire cosmos , similar to the transformation that Jesus' body has already undergone in the Resurrection.
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7. Physics Topic: The Anthropic Principle and Creation Theology
Hence it may be, as Wolfhart Pannenberg asserts, that "the universe as a whole and in all its parts is contingent." But what we have discovered through science is that these two philosophically distinct types of contingency
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8. Biography: Biography Index
Wolfhart Pannenberg - Theologian, student of Karl Barth Arthur Peacocke - Biochemist, Templeton Prize winner, and author of Theology for a Scientific Age
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9. Full Biography Index
Wolfhart Pannenberg Arthur Peacocke Jaroslav Pelikan George Pell Mark Pesce Karl Peters
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10. Divine Action Topic: Peters, Ted. “Resurrection of the Very Embodied So...
by God. Peters follows Wolfhart Pannenberg in connecting the resurrection to God’s eschatological act wherein time is taken up into eternity, and wherein God provides for continuing personal identity even when our bodies disintegrate.
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