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1. General Term: Vitalism
Vitalism A general name for the position in philosophy of biology that insists that something nonmaterial needs to be added to organic matter to produce life. Related Topics: Philosophy Contributed by: Dr.
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2. Ecology Topic: Charles Birch and John B. Cobb, Jr.'s The Liberation of Life:...
go beyond both mechanism and vitalism in his book Emergent Evolution . Morgan argued that several miraculous events were spawned in the course of evolution: the two most important miracles were the emergence of life and mind. In contrast to both
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3. Ecology Topic: Defining ‘Life’
is alive. So we reject vitalism . All you need for life is matter, properly organized, so it can perform these functions. Topic Index Next > Reductionism and Non-Reductionism
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4. Divine Action Topic: Clifford, Anne M. “Darwin’s Revolution in the...
and, though Darwin rejected vitalism , he has been read as deifying nature. Clifford also points out that Darwin considered his theory compatible with belief in God, though his personal position seems to shift from belief to agnosticism.
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5. Divine Action Topic: Peters, Ted. “Playing God with Our Evolutionary Fu...
who appeals to naturalism or vitalism in defense of leaving nature alone. Still neither Christian theologians nor molecular biologists are likely to agree with Rifkin - though for different reasons. Actually the term “playing God”
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6. Neuroscience Topic: Defining ‘Life’
is alive. So we reject vitalism . All you need for life is matter, properly organized, so it can perform these functions. Topic Index More: Reductionism and Non-Reductionism Show
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7. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Topic: Religious Responses to the Science of Hu...
science because it smacks of vitalism , the incorporation of an ingredient in our natures which is not subject to scientific test. In this account we have preferred to speak of a spiritual aspect to human existence. We have, in effect, chosen
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8. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Topic: An Examination of Reductionism
to the thinking known as vitalism . However, this very basic physicalist assumption is of strictly limited importance. All human beings are made of the same sorts of atoms, indeed the same sorts of chemicals. We do consist of ‘nothing
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