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1. General Term: Spacetime
Spacetime A continuum of four dimensions (3 spatial and 1 temporal) in which any object or event can be located. Related Topics: Physics Search for Spacetime
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2. Physics Topic: General Relativity
. In it, matter and spacetime are interrelated physical phenomena. Matter moves along curved paths due to the curvature of spacetime. At the same time, spacetime is curved because of the presence and distribution of matter. Hence the
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3. Physics Topic: Special Relativity
system called "spacetime ". In three dimensions, we measure the distance r between points by the usual Pythagorean measure: x 2 + y 2 + z 2 = r 2 . In spacetime, we measure the "interval" or
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4. Divine Action Topic: Isham, C.J. and J.C. Polkinghorne. “The Debate ove...
a timeless view in which all spacetime events have equal ontological status. The finite speed of light, the light cone structure, and the downfall of universal simultaneity and with it the physical status of “flowing time” in special
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5. General Term: Big Bang Cosmology
possible path in curved spacetime. Their motion, in turn, would alter the curvature of spacetime, thus giving the field equations General Theory of Relativity (GR) their highly non-linear form aptly described as: ‘spacetime tells mass
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6. Divine Action Topic: Ward, Keith. “God as a Principle of Cosmological E...
Although God transcends spacetime as its cause, God is nevertheless temporal, since “. . . by creating spacetime, God creates new temporal relations in the Divine being itself.” Allowing God to have temporal relations makes it
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7. Interview: Cosmic Questions Clip Index
and Dimensions of Spacetime Play John Barrow on 'Copernicus ' Principle' Play John Barrow on Our Location in the Universe and the Anthropic Principle
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8. General Term: Block Universe
Block Universe A view of spacetime that affords equal (ontological ) status to all points in spacetime, thus regarding temporality as an illusory human construct with no reference to reality as understood by modern physics. Related Topics:
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9. General Term: Inflationary Big Bang Cosmology
into huge portions of spacetime in which the natural constants and even the specific laws of physics can vary. The effect of inflation on the problem of t=0, however, is fascinating. In some inflationary cosmologies, the Hawking -Penrose
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10. General Term: Past Lightcone
A cone-shaped portion of spacetime containing all (past) locations from which light could arrive at a particular location within spacetime (the tip of the cone). The tip can be reached from points inside the cone at the speed of light or
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