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1. General Term: Social Justice
Social Justice The human pursuit of better societal treatment for oppressed peoples or abused lands or organisms. Examples include struggles for gender equality, democratic rights, equal access to economic opportunities,
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2. Resources: Genetics: Issues of Social Justice
Genetics : Issues of Social Justice Ted Peters , ed. - The Pilgrim Press, 1998 - Buy Full Resource Index Next > To return to the previous topic, click on your browser's
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3. Interview: Richard Dawkins
we certainly benefit from social institutions which encourage us towards moral behavior. It's very important to have law. It's very important to have a moral education. It's very important to try to inculcate into children moral rules, such as
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4. Genetics Topic: Democratizing Decision Making Relating to Biotechnology
with the Danish tradition of social ethics, recommended that ethical committee be organized around explicit group and community values, e.g., social solidarity, social equity, etc. Panel held that industry should have the burden of proof
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5. Event: Genes and Justice (Berkeley 2001)
Genes and Justice (Berkeley 2001) January 2001, Berkeley Opening Reception: Intro Main (Ted Peters ) Niels Gregersen: Methodologies in the Science-Religion Discussion
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6. Interview: Bob Russell
themselves to questions of social justice , environmental need, human need, and to do that adequately, in our technological age, we need to know science and technology. You can't talk about human genetics , and human counseling on genetics, if
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7. Science and Suffering Topic: Suffering and Buddhism - Paul Ingram
the heart of Buddhist social engagement is the practice of non-violence that grows out of the sense that all things and events are interdependent, Buddhists are in principle opposed to any form of violent social activism in the struggle
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8. Biography: Karen Lebacqz
commitment to issues of social justice takes shape in three primary areas of writing and teaching: professional ethics, bioethics (especially questions around genetics and the Human Genome Project), and ethical theory (particularly justice
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9. Ecology Topic: Charles Birch and John B. Cobb, Jr.'s The Liberation of Life:...
from the biological to the social, Birch and Cobb attend to molecular ecology and then move slowly towards wider issues of sustainable economics as well as social and environmental justice. Here, they examine a diverse spectrum of topics,
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10. Genetics Topic: Modified Natural-Law Approach to Genetic Technologies
In a maze of social policy options, legal battles, and technological advance, philosophical ethics can seem too slow and too arbitrary to be useful. Orientation to moral paths comes from the groups to which we belong and
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