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1. General Term: Singularity
Singularity The singularity (in Big Bang cosmology ) is the point at which time goes to zero and values such as the density of the universe go to infinity, so that the laws of physics no longer hold. See is the Big Bang a moment of
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2. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Topic: Many-Universes Models
assumption that, while the singularity randomizes the laws and constants of nature, it leaves the geometry of spacetime untouched. If, as seems reasonable, passage through a singularity also affects the geometry of the universe, we should expect
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3. General Term: Big Bang Cosmology
to as an “essential singularity.” In the 1960s, Stephen Hawking , Roger Penrose, and Robert Geroch proved key theorems which showed that the existence of an essential singularity, t=0, given Einstein’s GR, was unavoidable.
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4. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Topic: Is the Big Bang a Moment of Creation?
the Big Bang itself is a singularity - a point at which our laws of physics break down. In itself, this does not imply an absolute beginning. Nevertheless, it is tempting to read the Big Bang as having theological significance. After all, it
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5. Technology Topic: Can Nanotech in our Brains Make us Smarter?
of such an event the "Singularity." The idea of this singularity implies an impact upon our world that could “exceed that of any other foreseeable technological advance,” says the Accelerating Futures group.
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6. General Term: Inflationary Big Bang Cosmology
whether or not an essential singularity exists, even if it does. Recently, attempts have been made to unify quantum physics and gravity and apply the results to cosmology. Proposals by Hawking and Hartle, Linde , Isham , Guth, Hawking and Turek,
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7. Physics Topic: Big Bang Cosmology and Creation Theology
finite past but no past singularity at "t=0;" the universe is temporally past finite but unbounded. If we had too narrowly reduced the theological meaning of creation to the occurrence of "t=0" in standard cosmology we
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8. Physics Topic: General Relativity
an "essential singularity ." Still it is a highly curious feature of science to predicate of the universe a ‘beginning’, an event which is the cause of future events, but not the effect of previous causes. A second
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9. Science and Religion Topic: Stephen Meyer: The New Cosmology: Theistic Impl...
may eliminate the singularity . Not Necessary, But Sufficient A temporal beginning may not be necessary to support theistic
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10. Divine Action Topic: Berry, Michael. “Chaos and the Semiclassical Limit...
as h _ 0 due to the singularity in the quantum treatment. But in the geometrical-optics form of classical physics (where the wave-like nature of light is ignored) there are no fringes, only the simple addition of two light sources. To
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