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1. General Term: Luther, Martin (1483-1546)
initiator of the Protestant Reformation . In the year 1517, outraged by the sale of indulgences by the Catholic Church (see Reformation), Luther, posted on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenburg, Germany, his now-famous 95 theses. In the
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2. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Topic: An Introduction to Divine Action: Isaac ...
operation; its occasional reformation ; occasional spiritual intrusions in human affairs through the agency of natural phenomena (e.g., comets and epidemics); miracles. It is especially interesting to note that Newton himself
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3. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Topic: Law, Chance and Divine Action
in need of ‘occasional reformation ,’ as Newton did (see An Introduction to Divine action: Isaac Newton’s God ), because physics no longer sees the problem he found with the stability of planetary orbits. Polkinghorne wants to
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4. Maddox Bibliography Topic: 1. Broad Western Christian Engagements
and Science: A Radical Reformation Perspective . Kitchener, Ontario: Pandora Press, 1997. Nichols, Terence L. The Sacred Cosmos: Christian Faith and the Challenge of Naturalism . Grand Rapids, MI: Brazos Press, 2003. Padgett,
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5. Maddox Bibliography Topic: IV. Historical Treatments of Interaction between ...
and Theology in the Reformation : Interpretations of Astronomical Observation in Sixteenth-Century Germany . New York: T&T Clark, 2008. O’Leary, Don. Roman Catholicism and Modern Science: A History . New York:
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6. Neuroscience Topic: The Person in Christian Theology
continued at least until the Reformation . One response to this recognition was a call to purify theology of its Greek accretions, and to return to the original Hebraic understanding of Jesus and his significance. This movement has led to
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7. Physics Topic: The Theology of Providence
and well into the Protestant Reformation . Questions about human freedom and the reality of evil were seen more as problems requiring serious theological attention than as reasons for abandoning belief in God’s universal agency. The rise of
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8. Resources: CTNS Recommended: Intermediate Level
and Science: A Radical Reformation Perspective . (Kitchener, Ontario: Pandora, 1997). ISBN: 0969876246. Numbers, Ronald. Darwinism Comes to America . (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University, 1998). ISBN:
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9. Resources: Bibliography for Murphy on Neuroscience
Williams, The Radical Reformation (Philadelphia: Westminster Press, 1962), 580-592. Neil Gillman, The Death of Death, 137, 238. Craig Kinsely, quoted by Lee Hotz, in "An Inner Connection to God? Team Studies How
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10. Genetics Topic: James Peterson
sources over another. The Reformation was rooted in sola scriptura, but this was never scripture alone. It was rather scripture first, interpreted in the light of tradition, reason, and experience. So with that in mind, let us begin by
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