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1. General Term: Newtonian Physics
Newtonian Physics Newtonian physics - the system of physics based principally on the dynamics of Isaac Newton, 1642-1727 (including his famous law of gravitation). The system was very successful in predicting the behaviour of
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2. Physics Topic: God’s Providence and Quantum Mechanics
the implications of quantum physics, and particularly Bell’s theorem, for the doctrines of creation and providence. "From a theological perspective we can add to the view that God creates the universe through chance and law the claim
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3. Physics Topic: Special Relativity
of twentieth century physics (the other is quantum mechanics ). It makes a fundamental break with Newtonian mechanics, drastically changing our conceptions of the physics of space, time and their relation. It was published in 1905 by
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4. Physics Topic: The Theology of Providence
view of providence. Newtonian mechanics depicted a causally closed universe with little, if any, room for God’s special action in specific events - and then only by intervention. A century later, Pierre Simon Laplace combined the
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5. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Book Section: Full Book Table of Contents
3: Theology and the New Physics 3.1 Introduction Section A: Classical physics and the Newtonian world-view (3.2-3.4) 3.2 The scientific revolution - 3.3 From method to world-view - 3.4 Change and continuity in the physical
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6. Divine Action Topic: Polkinghorne, John. “Physical Process, Quantum Eve...
the equations of classical physics are “downward emergent” approximations of a more complex account of macroscopic physics as well as “upward emergent” from quantum physics. Still, the unresolved complexities of quantum
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7. General Term: Quantum Theory
(see Implications of the new physics). Most quantum theorists accept an intrinsic element of probability in fundamental physics, and also the need to see systems as wholes rather than merely dissecting them into their simplest components. Related
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8. General Term: Classical Mechanics
Mechanics A branch of physics that deals with the effects of energy and forces on the motion of physical objects, based on the work of Isaac Newton and on three-dimensional Euclidean geometry, also called Newtonian mechanics . Recall that
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9. Intelligent Design Topic: How Can an Unembodied Intelligence Interact with t...
experiment). On a classical Newtonian view of physics, only a mechanical account in terms of sharply localized and individuated particles makes sense. And yet nature is unwilling to oblige any such mechanical account of the double slit experiment
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10. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Topic: The Rediscovery of the Observer
clouds on the horizon of Newtonian Physics : The failure of the Michelson-Morley Experiment to detect the motion of the Earth through the aether (the medium through which it was assumed that light must be propagated). The failure of
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