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151. Divine Action Topic: Wildman, Wesley J. “Evaluating the Teleological Ar...
principle is natural law, divine action can only involve the universal determination of natural possibilities and the ontological grounding of nature. If the locus includes chance, divine action can be expressed more directly. If
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152. Divine Action Topic: Peacocke, Arthur. “Biological Evolution - A Positi...
on the central role of natural selection , some believe selection alone cannot account for the whole story. Peacocke describes eight approaches to the question which operate entirely within a naturalistic framework, assume a Darwinian
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153. Evolution and Providence Topic: Michael Ruse - Presentation
Evolutionary Biology and Theology - Index Other Resources on the Creation/Evolution Controversy Glossary: Phil Hefner , Charles Darwin , Erasmus Darwin, Natural Selection , Natural Theology , Richard Dawkins , Steven J Gould ,
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154. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Topic: Criticisms of Quantum-Based Proposals on...
in the autonomy of natural (particularly living) entities. there seems a real consonance, or at least a genuinely good fit, between quantum theory - the most imaginative, ingenious and counter-intuitive element in natural science -
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155. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Topic: Key Figures and Developments in the Scie...
Hefner ) and the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences at Berkeley (directed by R.J.Russell ) were most valuable in establishing the academic integrity of the science-religion debate, so the endowment of the Starbridge Lectureship in
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156. Interview: Ted Peters
years at the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, and our task was to monitor the progress of the Human Genome Project worldwide to see what kinds of implications it might have for
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157. Divine Action Topic: Hefner, Philip. “Biocultural Evolution: A Clue to ...
to this crisis. Christian theology, through the doctrine of creation, can provide such perspective. The natural world is vested in meaning by its relation to God as creator ex nihilo ; nature is entirely God’s project, what God intended.
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158. Intro Topic: Vatican Conferences
Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences , held an international conference on the theme of evolution. The conference, which took place in the pope's summer residence, Castel Gandolfo (outside Rome), was the fourth in a series
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159. Origins Topic: Niles Eldredge - Q&A
Evolutionary Biology and Theology - Index Intro to the Evolution Controversy Other Resources on the Creation/Evolution Controversy Glossary: Richard Dawkins , Charles Darwin , DNA , RNA , Chromosome , Natural Selection
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160. Origins Topic: Gish on Teaching Creationism
Evolutionary Biology and Theology - Index Other Resources on the Creation/Evolution Controversy Glossary: Charles Darwin , Natural Selection Topic Index Next > Meyer on 'Intelligent
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