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101. Biography: Antje Jackelén
Uppsala University (M.A. Theology, 1979) and Lund University (Ph.D. Theology, 1999) in Sweden. Dr. Jackelén is on the council for the European Society for the Study of Science and Theology (ESSSAT ). She was the regional director for
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102. Biography: Celia Deane-Drummond
in relating science to theology. Her first major book was A Handbook in Theology and Ecology (SCM, 1996), though since then she has published a number of other books, the most recent being Creation through Wisdom: Theology and the New
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103. Evolution Topic: The Darwinian Revolution
laws that account for natural phenomena. The workings of the universe were brought into the realm of science: explanation through natural laws. Physical phenomena could be accounted for whenever the causes were adequately known. Darwin
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104. Evolution and Providence Topic: Peters on 'Intelligent Design' & Creationism
Evolutionary Biology and Theology Evolutionary Biology and Theology - Index The Meaning of Genesis 1 Intro to the Evolution Controversy Franciso Ayala on Evolution Other Resources on the Creation/Evolution
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105. Evolution and Providence Topic: Stephen Meyer - Presentation
Evolutionary Biology and Theology Evolutionary Biology and Theology - Index Intro to the Evolution Controversy Other Resources on the Creation/Evolution Controversy Glossary: Richard Dawkins , Charles Darwin , DNA ,
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106. Evolution Topic: Should ID advocates be expelled?
But having a natural explanation for life’s origin wouldn’t preclude being designed. Setting aside the dismissive image of the mud puddle, a proposal for “just the right lightning bolt” would be concordant with
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107. Origins Topic: Scott on the Origins Controversy
Evolutionary Biology and Theology Evolutionary Biology and Theology - Index Robert Russell on Creation and Evolution Ron Numbers on the History of Creationism Franciso Ayala on Evolution Intro to the
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108. Origins Topic: Jeffrey Schloss - Presentation
without Designer Natural Selection as a Directive Process The Meaning of Genesis 1 Intro to the Evolution Controversy Evolutionary Biology and Theology - Index Other Resources on the Creation/Evolution
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109. Science and Suffering Topic: Can we Play God? - David Perry
engineering is ‘unnatural’ is very strange, since if it truly violated natural law it would not be possible for us to do. In this sense, it would truly be ‘unnatural’ for human beings to defy the law of gravity - unnatural
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110. Interview: George Coyne
of science, philosophy and theology. And we did that. But in the course of that, it dawned on me why not think of continuing this into the future by having a series of such research conferences. And I talked to Bob Russell at the Center for
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