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11. Divine Action Topic: Teleology
R., S.J. “The Immanent Directionality of the Evolutionary Process, and its Relationship to Teleology." Wildman, Wesley J. “Evaluating the Teleological Argument for Divine Action."
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12. Divine Action Topic: Evolutionary Theory
R., S.J. “The Immanent Directionality of the Evolutionary Process, and its Relationship to Teleology." Tracy, Thomas F. “Evolution, Divine Action, and the Problem of Evil."
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13. Divine Action Topic: Ward, Keith. “God as a Principle of Cosmological E...
spacetime , although immanent to all creation as its omnipresent Creator. Divine eternity is thus timeless, for God has neither internal nor external temporal relations. The act of creation is one of non-temporal causation. Whether there
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14. Divine Action Topic: Moltmann, Jurgen. “Reflections on Chaos and God...
the world but is also immanent in the world.” According to this model God acts upon the world through God’s presence in and perichoresis with all things. (2) Next Moltmann discusses eschatology , the new creation of all
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15. Divine Action Topic: Peacocke, Arthur. “Biological Evolution - A Positi...
the continuous, ongoing, and immanent Creator in and through the processes of nature. The second feature is the mechanism of evolution. Although biologists agree on the central role of natural selection , some believe selection alone cannot
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16. Divine Action Topic: Peacocke, Arthur. “The Sound of Sheer Silence: How...
that God is understood as immanent within the whole of creation, yet the world is seen as “contained” within the divine. Thus, God’s action is to be understood on the analogy of whole-part influence. The foregoing account of
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17. Evolution Topic: Darwin's Discovery: Design without Designer
but simply the outcome of immanent , blind, processes. There were, however, many theologians, philosophers, and scientists who saw no contradiction then nor see it now between the evolution of species and Christian faith. Some see evolution as
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18. Evolution Topic: Natural Selection as an Opportunistic Process
or resulting from some immanent force driving the process towards definite outcomes. Biological evolution differs from a painting or an artifact in that it is not the outcome of a design preconceived by an artist or artisan.
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19. Evolution Topic: The Darwinian Revolution
that the universe obeys immanent laws that account for natural phenomena. The workings of the universe were brought into the realm of science: explanation through natural laws. Physical phenomena could be accounted for whenever the causes
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20. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Topic: Peacocke’s View of Divine Action
God is radically and totally immanent , as well as transcendent. As Willem B Drees points out, speaking of the environment of the whole universe can never be more than a metaphor, but it is the strength of panentheism that it can offer such a
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