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1. Genetics Topic: Democratizing Decision Making Relating to Biotechnology
deCODE Genetics (Iceland) In 1997, Kari Stefansson, native of Iceland and geneticist formerly at Harvard, founded deCODE Genetics in Reykjavik – deCODE Genetics is a subsidiary of deCODE
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2. Maddox Bibliography Topic: 3. Ethical Issues in Genetic Engineering
3. Ethical Issues in Genetic Engineering Bruce, Donald. Engineering Genesis: The Ethics of Genetic Engineering in Non-Human Animals . London: Earthscan, 1998. Bryant, John & John Searle. Life in Our Hands: A Christian
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3. General Term: Genetic Engineering
Genetic Engineering Alteration of an organism's genetic, or hereditary, material to eliminate undesirable characteristics or to produce desirable new ones. Genetic engineering is used to increase plant and animal food production; to
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4. Event: Genetic Engineering and Food for the World (New York 2001)
Genetic Engineering and Food for the World (New York 2001) January 2001, New York Eric Beresford: Serving the Constituencies of a New Technology: An Ethical Critique
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5. Genetics Topic: Science, Politics and Ethics of Cloning and Genetic Engineer...
and Ethics of Cloning and Genetic Engineering : Who will Decide the Future of Humankind? Lee Silver , Professor, Princeton University Related Topics: AAAS Report on Stem-Cells... Evanston Seminary Stem-Cell Colloquy Ted
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6. Genetics Topic: Issues For the Millennium: Cloning and Genetic Technologies ...
Seminary Re-engineering Creation: Theological Reservations Concerning Genetic Technology: Play Dr. Preston Williams , Professor, Harvard Divinity School
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7. Event: Issues for the Millennium: Cloning and Genetic Technologies (Boston ...
Natural-Law Approach to Genetic Technologies Ethics Panel Discussion The World is Our Parish...So...? Re-engineering Creation: Theological
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8. Interview: Ted Peters
QUESTION: Opponents of genetic engineering have often argued that messing with our genes, genetic engineering, is a kind of hubristic "playing God". But you also disagree with that. Why? DR. PETERS: Well, the phrase "playing
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9. Genetics Topic: Modified Natural-Law Approach to Genetic Technologies
Criterion for Exploring Genetic Technologies “What nature does in the evolutionary process, human beings ought to do also, as we are able.” Licenses genetic experimentation and therapy while closely constraining it.
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10. Interview: 'Faith and Reason' Transcript
religious arguments against genetic engineering are often misguided. DR. COLLINS: To say that genetic engineering is unacceptable across the board because of its potential for creating some ethical dilemmas is the most unethical stance of all.
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