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1. Neuroscience Topic: Is Behavior Determined, or are we Free?
Determined, or are we Free? One powerful reason for holding to mind-body, or body-soul, dualism in the modern period is that the major perceived alternative has been a reductive physicalist account, which seems to imply determinism .
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2. General Term: Free Will
Free Will See: Philosophy Are we Free? Search for Free Will Full Glossary Index Next >
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3. Question Home: Are we Free?
Are we Free? Featured Topics The Gene Myth DNA and Behavior The Particular Case of Genetic Reductionism Downward Causation
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4. Divine Action Topic: Free Will
Free Will Alston, W. “Divine Action, Human Freedom, and the Laws of Nature.” Crutchfield, James P., J. Doyne Farmer, Norman H. Packard, and Robert S. Shaw. “Chaos.”
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5. Science and the Spiritual Quest Interview: Donald Knuth on the Game of Life,...
on the Game of Life, Free Will and Determinism Other Resources Computing Books on Information Technology More Interviews...
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6. Divine Action Topic: Cushing, James T. “Determinism Versus Indeterminis...
Quantum Mechanics : A “Free” Choice." James T. Cushing sees the question of determinism versus indeterminism as “ the fundamental issue” regarding the possibilities for particular divine action, and thus the importance
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7. Interview: Richard Dawkins
that there is a thing called free will , and that free will gives us a genuine choice about our actions, that effectively free will allows us to override biology. What is your response to that as a scientist? DR. DAWKINS: I am very comfortable
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8. Divine Action Topic: Murphy, Nancey. “Evidence of Design in the Fine-Tu...
order for there to be the free will required by Temple, God’s plan for the world had to include that the world be law-governed as well as fine-tuned. The facts supporting the law-like character of the world were irrelevant to
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9. Divine Action Topic: Clayton, Philip. “Tracing the Lines: Constraint an...
an incompatibilist view of free will, particularly if incompatibilist free choices are to be enacted in the world. In turn one can argue that God so created the world as to allow for human freedom. Clayton then argues that questions like these
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10. Physics Topic: God’s Providence and Quantum Mechanics
act while preserving human free will ?) and theodicy (if God is good, why is there evil). The latter issue is particularly acute given the enormity of pain and suffering in evolution and the fact that so much disease has its basis in the
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