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11. Intro Topic: A Cosmic Designer?
atoms could not form because electrons would spiral into the nucleus. Similarly if the gravitational force was any weaker, planets would tend to drift off into space and not remain in orbit. So it seems that the inverse square law is particularly
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12. General Term: Anthropic Principle
(such as the mass of an electron ) are consistent with the presence of life as we know it. The significance of such apparent fine-tuning of the universal constants is disputed by those who regard it as trivial and those who argue from it to
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13. General Term: Dirac, Paul (1902-84)
as the negatively charged electron . It was discovered experimentally in 1932. Related Topics: Physics Contributed by: Dr. James Miller Search for Dirac, Paul (1902-84)
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14. General Term: Quantum Theory
momentum of the orbiting electron , and thus the size of its orbits, are quantized. In 1924, Louis de Broglie attributed wave-like behavior to particles as the converse of energy quantization. Based on this idea, Erwin Schrödinger
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15. General Term: Quantum
than this limit can eject an electron from a metal surface. Related Topics: Physics Contributed by: Dr. Christopher Southgate Search for Quantum Full Glossary
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