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31. General Term: Evolutionary Biology
the molecular structure of DNA , the hereditary material contained in the chromosomes of the nucleus of each cell. DNA in turn consists of two long chains of nucleotides coiled into a double helix . A gene is a sequence of nucleotides required
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32. General Term: Recombinant Lines
Lines New combinations of DNA fragments formed by cutting DNA segments from two sources with restriction enzyme and then joining the fragments together with DNA ligase. Interspecies transfer of genes usually through a vector such as a virus
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33. General Term: RNA
of nucleotides , similar to DNA , but with a slightly different chemical structure. There are three main forms of RNA, each a slightly different function. mRNA (messenger RNA) is the mediating template between DNA and proteins. The information
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34. Divine Action Topic: Ayala, Francisco J. “The Evolution of Life: An Ove...
discovered the structure of DNA . In 1968, Kimura’s work on “molecular clocks” made possible a reconstruction of the evolutionary history of life with its many branchings. Finally, the recent techniques of DNA cloning and
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35. Divine Action Topic: Barbour, Ian G. “Five Models of God and Evolution....
of the structure of DNA in 1953 led to the central dogma of molecular biology: information flows from DNA to protein. Recent theories have explored selection at a variety of levels including gene, organism, kin, group, and species, as
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36. Ecology Topic: Downward Causation
part of the explanation, the DNA to protein structure.  But then we've also got the top-down part which is from the environment by means of the differential survival and reproduction back to the DNA.  And then we start through the whole cycle
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37. Evolution and Providence Topic: Stephen Meyer - Presentation
Rushmore , Rosetta Stone , DNA Double-Helix , DNA Backbone , Bacterial Flagellum Related Topics: Science and Divine Intervention/Action A Classification of Theories of Divine Action Self-Organisation and the
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38. Neuroscience Topic: Downward Causation
part of the explanation, the DNA to protein structure. But then we've also got the top-down part which is from the environment by means of the differential survival and reproduction back to the DNA. And then we start through the whole cycle again.
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39. Genetics Topic: Should Genes Be Patented?
to none.” Are cDNAs a natural phenomenon or a human invention? The cDNA does not occur naturally, and is not a gene per se. Rather, it is a copy version of a gene with the introns edited out. It is coded into messenger RNA by the
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40. Genetics Topic: A Jewish Perspective on Cloning and Other Techniques to Over...
, Cloning, Cytoplasm , DNA , Differentiated Cells , Ectoderm , Enucleation , Exogenous Virus , Gamete , Genome , Genotype , HARTs , In Vitro , In Vivo , Intron , Mesoderm , Metaphase Plate , Mitochondrial DNA , Mitosis , Nucleotide , Nucleus
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