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11. Physics Topic: Thermodynamics, Chaos, and Complexity
equation). Meanwhile, chaos, self-organization and complexity theory help to explain how biological complexity arose in conformity with thermodynamics, and they give tacit support to the hope of some scholars that nature at the macroscipic
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12. General Term: Classical Mechanics
even those now studied using chaos theory . Chance events occur in all these fields, but the notion of chance here is purely epistemic , the ignorance of underlying causes. There are two distinct kinds of ‘epistemic chance’: i) Random
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13. Divine Action Topic: Moltmann, Jurgen. “Reflections on Chaos and God...
Jurgen. “Reflections on Chaos and God’s Interaction with the World from a Trinitarian Perspective.” In his paper, Jürgen Moltmann first describes five models of the God-world relation: (1) According to the Thomistic model,
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14. Divine Action Topic: Heller, Michael. “Chaos, Probability, and the Comp...
Heller, Michael. “Chaos, Probability, and the Comprehensibility of the World.” “The eternal mystery of the world is its comprehensibility.” This is, of course, Albert Einstein ’s famous claim, and it serves as the
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15. Interview: 'Faith and Reason' Transcript
statement on evolutionary theory. ANNOUNCER: Fresh knowledge leads to the recognition of the theory of evolution as more than just a hypothesis. MS. WERTHEIM: In other words, new scientific evidence makes the theory of biological evolution
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16. Divine Action Topic: Polkinghorne, John. “Physical Process, Quantum Eve...
actions of agents.” Chaos theory provides a more “flowing character” for agency. Of course, chaos theory is normally framed within a deterministic , Newtonian , context, but it could be given a wider framework. The real problem
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17. Physics Topic: Physics and Cosmology in the 20th Century
mechanics / quantum field theory , and eventually to particle physics , in which electromagnetism and the weak nuclear force were unified (e.g., the electroweak force ), and these unified with the strong nuclear force (fundamental particle
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18. Divine Action Topic: Polkinghorne, John. “The Laws of Nature and the La...
similar insights to chaos theory , but Polkinghorne is cautious about relying on it. We ought not confuse randomness with freedom, and we need to remember both that the interpretation of quantum theory is still in dispute and that quantum
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19. God, Humanity and the Cosmos Book Section: Full Book Table of Contents
physics - 3.25 Recognising chaos - 3.26 Coming to terms with chaos - 3.27 Implications for the philosophy of science - 3.28 Conclusion 4: Theology and Evolutionary Biology 4.1 Introduction Section A: The impact of Darwinism
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20. Maddox Bibliography Topic: D. Chemistry
Next: E. Chaos & Complexity Theory Contributed by: Dr. Randy Maddox
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