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Genetics, Ethics and Theology

Francis Collins

On Genetic Engineering, Medical Research and a Call to Healing
On Potential Dilemmas with Genetic Engineering
On Human Cloning
On The Role Religious People Play in Ethical Decisions

George Coyne

On the Role of Religion and Genetic Technology

Ted Peters

HGP Ethical Research
A Cautious Optimism
Is DNA sacred?
Is Genetic Engineering 'Playing God?'
Genetic Determinism
Do we have Free-Will?
What Determines Behavior?
Do Genes Bring Back Original Sin?
On Playing God and the Nature of DNA
On the Need for Dialogue Between Scientists and Theologians

Noah Efron

On Jewish views on fetal stem-cell research

William Hurlbut

On the future of biotechnology and the associated ethical challenges

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Ted Peters: What Determines Behavior?