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David Myers

David Myers

Social psychologist David Myers is a communicator of psychological science to college students and the general public.

His scientific writings, supported by National Science Foundation grants and fellowships, have appeared in three dozen academic periodicals, including Science, the American Scientist, the American Psychologist, and Psychological Science.

David has digested psychological research for the public through articles in four dozen magazines, from Scientific American to Christian Century, and through seventeen books, including general interest books and textbooks.

His research and writings have been recognized by the Gordon Allport Prize, by an "honored scientist" award from the Federation of Associations in the Brain and Behavioral Sciences, by the Award for Distinguished Service on Behalf of Personality-Social Psychology, and by three honorary doctorates.


Myers has digested psychological research for the public through articles in more than two dozen magazines, from Scientific American to Christian Century, and through a dozen books:

  • In The Pursuit of Happiness: Who Is Happy--and Why (Morrow, 1992; Avon, 1993), and in some 400 media interviews and invited lectures, he has challenged America’s individualism and materialism and affirmed the significance of positive traits, committed relationships, and religious faith.
  • In The American Paradox: Spiritual Hunger in an Age of Plenty (Yale University Press, 2000) he explores our post-1960 material prosperity and social recession, and suggests a road to renewal.
  • In A Quiet World: Living with Hearing Loss (Yale University Press, 2000), he offers a first-person account of the hard of hearing experience and information about new assistive technologies.
  • In Intuition: Its Powers and Perils (Yale University Press, September, 2002), he explores our remarkable capacity for unconscious, automatic thinking along with the potential pitfalls of unchecked intuition. He also offers focused analyses of intuitions related to investing, interviewing, risk-taking, gambling, sports, and clinical and psychic judgments.
  • His texts, Psychology, 6th ed., Exploring Psychology, 4th ed., Social Psychology, 6th ed., and Exploring Social Psychology, 2nd ed. are studied by students at some 1000 colleges and universities and translated into eight languages.
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