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Jane Maslow Cohen

Jane Maslow Cohen

Jane Maslow Cohen, Professor of Law, received her B.A. from Wellesley College and her J.D. from Yale Law School.  Professor Jane Maslow Cohen's work has appeared in numerous scholarly publications as well as the popular magazines U.S. News and World Report and Parenting Magazine. 

Why Worry about Human Cloning?

In 1971 she began her career in private practice, working for the Boston law firm of Berlin, Clarey, Cohen and Green, where she was a partner. She began her Boston University School of Law career in 1983 and has since earned high praise for her teaching abilities. In addition to teaching Professor Cohen has delivered many professional presentations at such prominent institutions as Harvard University, Columbia University Law School, and the University of Pennsylvania School of Law. She also serves on the Culpepper Foundation's working group on human cloning and on the Social Science Research Council's working group on ethnic customs. Examining the legal issues surrounding abortion, children's rights, feminist theory, and law and literature, her writings and research have been published in some of the nation's most distinguished journals. Recent articles include "Equality for Girls and Other Women: The Built Architecture of the Purposive Life," for a 1998 issue of the Journal of Legal Issues, and "Private Regimes of Tyranny: What Do They Mean to Morality and for the Criminal Law," for a 1996 issue of Pittsburgh Law Review. During the 1999/2000 academic year, Professor Cohen was Senior Scholar at New York University School of Law, where she taught, wrote several more journal articles, and worked on her book on later parenting.

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